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Mislukkuð mannfjöldastjórnun í Chicago - til þess eru vítin að varast þau

Á Netinu eru margar upplýsingar um "mannfjöldastjórnun" lögreglu.
Líka um mislukkaða mannfjöldastjórnun. Til dæmis er þessi grein sígild:
How Not to Control a Riot:
Mayor Daley and the Chicago Gestapo
The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Illinois, was the site of some of the most brutal acts committed by U.S. police against their own citizens. More than 10,000 anti-war protesters showed up for the convention, angered by the Democrats' planned nomination of a pro-war candidate, Hubert Humphrey. Mayor Richard Daley was very vocal in his hatred of the protestors. He had the Chicago police put up massive barricades around the convention and denied the protestors permits for demonstrations and parades.

Although some of the protestors planned to protest violently, the demonstrations probably would not have reached the level of full-scale riots if not for the police. The Chicago police, perhaps because of their own political views, saw the protesters as the enemy. Protestors, reporters, by-standers and anyone who voiced opposition to their tactics were beaten, gassed and then dragged off to be arrested. Even Red Cross medics who were trying to aid the wounded were beaten by the police.

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